Taking Care of Your Business
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You have established a new business, are generating revenue, and are confident you have a sustainable business. However, you now want to grow this business in a structured way.

If so, you are likely to be encountering the following challenges;

  • No regular reporting on business financial results
  • Not getting proper visibility on current and future cash requirements
  • What funding do I need and when and who will I get it from?
  • What supports are available for my business at this stage of development?
  • What taxes do I have to pay & when?
  • How can I mitigate my tax costs ?
  • Why doesn’t turnover  = profit  = cash?
  • What additional compliance obligations do I have as the complexity of my business grows?

CFO Services can assist you to overcome these challenges by :

  • Implementing robust monthly/quarterly management reporting
  • Building detailed budgets and forecasts giving visibility on future cash requirements
  • Analysing working capital and identifying potential challenges
  • Researching, identifying, and assisting in applying for funding or grant supports
  • Providing key tax compliance assistance and tax payment calendar
  • Identifying available tax strategies to minimise tax exposures
  • Explaining interactions between turnover, profitability & cash
  • Providing assistance on annual Financial Statements and CRO returns